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Sixteen years ago, the World Trade Center was attacked on September eleventh. Saturday, Ron Parker, a first responder in New York city at the time of the attack, will speak at the Angel Horse Fundraiser. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Ron Parker said he only grew up 7 miles from the World Trade Center, affectionately called the twin towers.  "I was there from September 11th, that morning, until January 6th 2002.," Parker said."I lost 45 of my friends there. My day...
The Billings Army Reserve tells us they are unable to determine who is responsible for throwing an American flag in their dumpster because there are more people who have access to those dumpsters than just their employees.
Today marked the fifth year of United way's operation supply.   After organizing loads of boxes full of school supplies and hygiene products, United Way partnered with several volunteers and the army reserve to  deliver twelve truckloads to elementary, middle and high school's in the city. Starting in late July, United Way already start packing and separating various products for delivery. Operation Supply is an annual event which several businesses and individu...
A Park County Deputy is being hailed as a hero on Facebook after coming to the rescue of a man trapped inside the cab of his rolled over semi-truck Friday morning. 
Wyoming’s black-footed ferrets and Yellowstone’s wolves may have inspired the return of wildlife to a new national park in Argentina. Organizers are calling it the largest reintroduction program in the Americas.
U.S. Senator Jon Tester has successfully defended Montanans from Verizon’s attempt to terminate contracts. Verizon responded to Tester’s demands Friday. Tester received assurances from Verizon that no Montanans will be involuntarily removed from their contract.
The BIA and FBI are investigating an incident that occurred on September 17th in Lame Deer that left Ozzy Lee Wilson hospitalized. Friday morning the FBI confirmed that Wilson has died as a result of those injuries. 


WSJ Business

London’s top transport authority stripped Uber of its private-car hire license in the city, threatening to shut the company out of one of its biggest markets.
Facebook abruptly abandoned a plan to change its stock structure that would have given Mark Zuckerberg more control, the latest in a string of reversals by the social-media giant as it fends off controversies on several fronts.
When new iPhones hit the market, they usually fly off the shelves. But with the two models that began selling Friday, there are signs demand is tepid—and some analysts say that could be a good thing for Apple Inc.
The death of Liliane Bettencourt has placed a question mark over the decadeslong ties between L’Oréal and Nestlé, two of the world’s largest consumer-goods companies.

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We’re looking at you Week 4, time to find out about the Cowboys and Bulldogs
Trump speaks out against NFL player protests
Sources: Melo expands list, includes Cavs, OKC
Report: Jeter asks Marlins to fire 4 luminaries
Dodgers celebrate fifth straight NL West title
Kerr expects even-better Warriors in 2017-18
Grizzlies create space with Daniels deal to Suns
For Kevin Durant, troll season must end now

Ag News

Soybean markets are seeing life on Friday, jumping more than 13 cents. The reason behind the move may be unclear, but analysts on U.S. Farm Report this weekend like the signals the soybean market are sending.
For the last three weeks, grain prices have held relatively stable. Jerry Gulke analyzes the reasons behind these positive price movements.
Land O’Lakes named finalists in their crowdsourced competition to surface user-friendly drone solutions to help farmers make better decisions. ​
So why are the futures so sluggish? First of all, it is planting season in Brazil, and a futures rally in Chicago soybeans definitely encourages corn to soybean acreage shifts. Some interior Brazil corn prices were below $2.60 per bushel last week, which makes the shift attractive. The other item w [...]
Results and analysis of the September 2017 Cattle on Feed and Cold Storage reports.