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MetraPark announces the two opening acts of this year's MontanaFair.
A Laurel man is in custody this morning after reportedly firing shots at law enforcement.
LAS VEGAS (AP) - Authorities say a Montana man was shot and killed on a Las Vegas bus before the gunman barricaded himself in the vehicle, shutting down the Strip for hours.
President and CEO of USA Cycling, Derek Bouchard-Hall, wrote a letter to Senator Sales stating: "Regarding who pays for the roads, your belief that cyclists do not pay their fair share is a very common misperception."
The Space Public Outreach Team held a seminar on solar and lunar eclipses.
  Billings Clinic teamed up with Elder Grove Elementary school to support the Piggy Bank Pediatric Patient Assistance Fund.
Community leaders gathered at Washington Elementary for STEM Day to teach students about career paths to consider for their future.


WSJ Business is delaying the public opening of its first cashier-less convenience store because of technical complications.
The prospect of lowering the U.S. auto industry’s reliance on “Made in Mexico” got thornier during the Trump administration’s early days, as the amount of popular pickups and SUVs flooding in from south of the border sharply increased in January and February.
Many foreign investors are rushing into Iran’s promising market after its nuclear accord, setting off skirmishes among European and Asian companies eager to gain a step on more cautious American rivals.
Samsung’s Galaxy S8, which will be unveiled Wednesday, has a lot more at stake than sales targets: it must restore consumer trust and stabilize a brand dogged by political scandal, product recalls and privacy concerns.
A surveillance-camera company featured in a previous article about hacked devices said it is taking steps to harden its products against attacks.
After a battle within the Republican party over its health-care bill, the GOP plans on moving on to something simpler: rewriting the U.S. tax code. But it might be heading right into another minefield.

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Ag News

There was a little disconcerting news filtering out of Mexico over the weekend as the uncertainly for the future of NAFTA has encouraged Mexico to work on Ag trade agreements with Brazil and Argentina, which may be close to signing.
Sue Martin, president and owner of Ag and Investment Services, Inc., has been watching futures prices on corn. She is noticing a pattern that has happened since 1969 that has proven favorable for farmers 18 out of 19 years.
Economists at the University of Missouri have released their March 2017 U.S. Baseline Briefing Book. The bad news – trends indicate more financial pressure on the U.S. farm sector. But there could be a silver lining with a modest recovery of grain prices possible this year.
Most of western Kansas, where the highest concentration of hard red winter wheat is grown, missed out on the rainfall over the weekend, but that should not be the case this week.
Fat cattle prices have grown $7 per CWT the last couple of weeks and offers a better cull cow market moving forward.
Another storm system is expected to move across the area midweek, potentially bringing several inches of rain.