Montana Womens Run 2019

Montana Womens Run 2019

The Montana Women’s Run will take place in Billings on Saturday, May 11, 2019.  Please note that the followings roads will be closed or partially closed for the race during the specified times:

  • 2nd Ave. N. and 3rd Ave. N. from N. 29th – N. 27th : 5 am – noon
  • 2nd Ave. N.  from N. 27th – N. 30th: 5 am – noon
  • 2nd Ave. N. and 3rd Ave. N. from N. 29th – Division: 5 am – 10 am.
  • Clark and Yellowstone Aves. from Division – 7th St. W.: 8 am – 10 am (This includes Division).
  • Broadway from 1st to 3rd – 5 am – noon

No parking zones will be enforced from 4 am to noon and cars will be towed at the following locations:

  • 2nd Ave. N. on both sides from N. 34th to N. 24th St.
  • 3rd Ave. N. on both sides from N. 34th St. to N. 24th St.
  • Broadway on both sides from 1st to 3rd Avenues N.

Participants should plan to arrive downtown early for the race to find parking and walk to the Start Line located at about N. 25th on 2nd Ave. N. Many streets will be closed starting at 5 am until about noon. Parking garages and meters are free on the weekends. Parking north of 3rd Ave. N. or south of 2nd Ave. N is recommended.

2 Milers: Be aware that 3rd Avenue North will be blocked by 5 Milers after their 8:00 am start so that even walking across 3rd will be difficult or impossible.

2nd Ave. N. from (but not including) N. 30th – N. 29th will be closed from Friday, May 10 at 6 pm until Saturday, May 11 about noon.

There will be Course Guards at most of the intersections, and signs strategically located outside and on the edge of the area affected.  Motorists are encouraged to avoid this area.

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