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We now have the very government the Founders were concerned about because of the erosion of American liberties that is coming as a result of a propaganda campaign against gun ownership by the Left and the media
Charlton Heston explained that the Second Amendment must be considered more essential than the First Amendment. The Second Amendment is the first freedom that defends the rest of our liberties
Democrat Senator Bill Nelson literally tells them that guns are killing people, and everyone applauds Image used with permission of Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla
Brian Mudd of WJNO fills in for Mark. We have a Second Amendment because it was a priority to the Founders of this country. We have the freedom of expression and the freedom to defend it, but this is no longer taught in schools today
RIP, Billy Graham. A wonderful man. Image used with permission of Getty Images / Larry W. Smith
One of the greatest dangers to this country is the media. We can’t get the truth to our fellow citizens; they decide what to focus on and what to ignore
A check of their November 12, 2016 coverage showed both CNN and MSNBC gave enthusiastic coverage to the Russian-organized anti-Trump rally that day Image used with permission of Getty Images / David McNew
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On Monday’s Mark Levin show, there was no federal law that would have stopped Nikolas Cruz. The failure here is particularly in the FBI and local school districts who fail to secure these school buildings. Unfortunately, the left wing school boards who don’t support local police, don’t want them in the schools. We are so […]
If Mueller’s theory is correct, three things make Steele a criminal Image used with permission of Getty Images / Adam Bettcher