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The Democratic National Committee’s multimillion dollar lawsuit against President Trump, Russia, and Wikileaks is a stupid publicity stunt and it’s going to backfire. The DNC has opened themselves up for discovery and deposition
There wasn’t much in the memos we hadn’t already heard from Comey, of course. But here’s what you need to know. Image used with permission of Getty Images / Drew Angerer
The Department of Justice’s Inspector general sent a criminal referral regarding Andrew McCabe to the U.S. attorney office. This means that James Comey will now be a witness if charges are brought because McCabe has said that he leaked and Comey knew about it
Lawyers for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort get some traction Image used with permission of Getty Images / Alex Wong
Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch can be a good justice but can also be wrong, and in the case of his vote to strike down immigration law he’s wrong. We’re told Gorsuch is an example of originalism which isn’t true unless you turn our nation’s history of immigration law on its head
Jen Spyra is facing a public backlash for reacting to the news of the passing of Barbara Bush with a joke about the former first lady’s looks Image used with permission of Getty Images / Matt Winkelmeyer
Former first lady Barbara Bush passed away at 92. She was the wife of a President, the mother of a President and a Governor, which is remarkable
It is long past time for the media to pour sunshine on any and all potential conflicts-of-interest Image used with permission of Getty Images / Rob Kim
The media freak out over Sean Hannity’s relationship with Michael Cohen is a sideshow. It’s a distraction from the real news of the day - the James Comey, Hillary Clinton collusion
James Comey admitted that his wife and girls all took part in the Women’s March in response to Donald Trump’s election Image used with permission of Getty Images / Alex Wong