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On Friday's Mark Levin show, Bill Cunningham fills in for Mark. Trump loyalist Steve Bannon was fired on Friday.
A horrific attack took place on Thursday in Barcelona, Spain with 13 murdered and 100 injured. A terrorist there ran over pedestrians with a van. This terror attack is tied to an explosion from a bomb making house that occurred in Alcanar, Spain on Wednesday night
CNN host Wolf Blitzer said Thursday there would be questions. Image used with permission of Getty Images
The mainstream media — specifically, The New York Times — who are falling over themselves to play to their rabid base in excoriating President Trump as a neo-Nazi sympathizer. Trump condemned both sides of the violence in Charlottesville, and the liberal media are aghast that he drew a moral equivalency between Alt-“Right” and Antifa
Mainstream Dem groups unite with radical Left Image used with permission of Getty Images / Jason Connolly
President Trump at Trump tower asked the same question Mark asked, if the left is going get rid of the Jefferson Memorial next. Why tear down statues of people who gave us freedom?
Group will fund other liberal ‘resistance’ groups Image used with permission of Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla
The media is trying to tie President Trump to white supremacy after the violence in Charlottesville, VA. Trump is no white supremacist and his DOJ including, Jeff Sessions and the FBI are already investigating this incident
“The crowd size became increasingly violent with mutually engaged combatants.” Image used with permission of Getty Images / Win McNamee
The situation with North Korea is very dangerous. Past presidents dropped the ball on this and President Trump has every right to be frustrated with how they handled North Korea