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Clark Howard is helping millions of Americans through this extraordinary time of financial upheaval. He simplifies complex issues, allays fears, and offers sound advice to help families thrive during financial crisis. You need Clark to empower you to make smart decisions about their finances.

Scams & Ripoffs

The Federal Trade Commission just announced that a federal court temporarily halted an alleged work-at-home scheme that failed to live up to its promises.
Scammers are telling people they can pay their bills using secret accounts and and routing numbers at Federal Reserve Banks. Here's what you need to know!
If you've been getting robo calls about supposedly free cruises, use these tips to see if you qualify for cash.
Potential new and existing DirecTV customers need to know about a sneaky phone scam that could drain your bank account.
The Better Business Bureau wants you to be aware of these harmful scams!

Money & Credit

Are you truly happy with your credit card company? If you're a customer of one issuer in particular, survey says you probably are!

If your credit report contains errors, you owe it to yourself to clean it up. While it can be somewhat frustrating, this task is very doable. Before we dive in to the particulars, a bit of background is necessary.

There …

It happens to many financially responsible people at some time or another: A friend or family member asks them to co-sign on a car loan, personal loan or even a mortgage loan. Should you do it?

Before you answer that …

Living with roommates is a great way to keep housing costs low. But what if you get sick of sharing a kitchen with dudes who help themselves to your breakfast cereal? Or you get incredibly tired of only having one …

Retirement can be a polarizing thought for millions of Americans.

On one hand, it represents the freedom to sleep late, travel, enjoy time with family and basically choose how to spend your time.

On the other, it poses the ever-so-important …