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Clark Howard is helping millions of Americans through this extraordinary time of financial upheaval. He simplifies complex issues, allays fears, and offers sound advice to help families thrive during financial crisis. You need Clark to empower you to make smart decisions about their finances.

Scams & Ripoffs

With an ever-growing number of people shopping online, there are a lot of packages being delivered to people's homes. That's created a lot of opportunity for package thieves! Here are six ways to fight back.

The death toll continues to rise in Northern California as fast-moving wildfires have caused widespread evacuations and destroyed more than 2,000 structures.

While fire officials say there are a series of wildfires ongoing, the three largest blazes, the Tubbs fire, …

Donating money to charities is a great way to help Irma and Harvey victims, but you really have to do your homework.

Financial planning and investing isn’t rocket science. It’s first and foremost about discipline. You set some goals, determine what needs to be done to achieve those objectives and do those things consistently – year in, year out.

Oh — and …

Don't let your child be a victim of identity theft due to the Equifax data breach! Know your rights and learn how to protect your kids.

Money & Credit

The e-commerce giant has begun installing locker systems for packages, a new initiative called Amazon Hub, to serve more than 850,000 rental units from coast to coast -- allowing consumers to not only avoid theft, but also have 24/7 access to their package deliveries.
Credit freezes are one of the most effective tools against economic identity theft available to consumers.
The expenses you pay can be as low as three one hundredths of one percent per year!

Problems continue to mount for credit-reporting agency Equifax, who this week lost its bid to keep a major contract with the IRS. The cancellation of the multi-million dollar contract — to protect people from identity fraud, ironically — was protested …

Banks have a certain air of authority in their correspondence with customers — and why wouldn’t they? The banking industry controls about $1.5 trillion in the U.S. economy, which gives it enormous power in all things monetary.

Unfortunately, banks aren’t