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Fabray reportedly died of natural causes Thursday at her home in Palos Verdes, California
he original singers of the year's five Oscar-nominated songs will reprise their performances live on the Oscar stage
Shows and movies you'll want to stream soon
British comedian and actor Stephen Fry has revealed that he underwent surgery last month
Smith spent more than a decade writing smash hits for other artists like Meghan Trainor, Garth Brooks and Lady Antebellum
Filmmaker Kevin Wilson Jr. never expected an Oscar nomination for his graduate school project, "My Nephew Emmett"
"The View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg was not shy about voicing her opinion to Mo'Nique
Caitlyn Smith is one of the hottest songwriters in Nashville. Smith released her debut album "Starfire" just last month, but has spent more than 15 years writing songs for artists like Meghan Trainor, Garth Brooks and Lady Antebellum. Jan Crawford speaks with the Minnesota native about her struggle to get onto the stage.
The actor also says he knows how to solve the automatic weapons debate
Brendan Fraser is joining the chorus of voices in Hollywood saying "#MeToo"
A new study finds that female protagonists were down 5 percent in the year's 100 top-grossing films
Amy Poehler is not pleased that the National Rifle Association used a gif of her character, Leslie Knope, from "Parks and Rec"
Meryl Streep is not mincing words after disgraced Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein, quoted her in his defense
Wendy Williams revealed on her show Wednesday that she's been ordered to take three weeks off to focus on her health after being diagnosed with Graves' disease and hyperthyroidism
In a blistering response, Meryl Streep said misusing her statement "as evidence that he was not abusive with many OTHER women is pathetic and exploitive."